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10+ Successful Personal Statement Examples for Your Help

You need to submit a personal statement to get admission to any university. It is basically your introduction that shows your individual skills and passion and helps universities understand your personality. Moreover, it is the decision maker of your university application. So, there will be a time after college when you have to write a personal statement for yourself. If you want admission in your desired field or university, then you should be able to write a perfect personal statement. In this blog, we will showcase a list of successful university personal statement examples to help you write them.

However, if you need any more help related to your personal statement, you can ask UCAS Personal Statements. They can assist you in writing a flawless personal statement. You can easily get admission to your desired university with their help. Let’s look at and discuss some thriving personal statements.

List of Successful Personal Statement Examples for Your Help

Need assistance in composing a personal statement for your university application? With the following personal statement examples, get an idea for writing yours.

Figure 1 Business & Management PS (University Compare)


Business and Management Personal Statement

This is a perfect business and management personal statement submitted by an anonymous person. Since she explained very well why she wanted to pursue a business degree in Human Resource Management. Moreover, she also talked about her experiences and how they intrigued her. 

Figure 2 Computer Science PS (University Compare)


Computer Science Personal Statement 

Joseph wrote this personal statement. He is a computer science game development enthusiast, and he mentioned this clearly in his statement. He also talked about his interest in math and its relation to computer science. It perfectly displays his knowledge, and it will be an impactful remark.

Figure 3 Accounting & Finance PS (Studential)


Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

It is a personal statement that was accepted by four Universities University of Bristol, Brunel University, Cardiff University, and City University. Only The University of Manchester rejected it. Therefore, you can thoroughly read it and write your personal statement inspired by it.

Figure 4 Chemical Engineering PS (Studential)


Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

The applicant started this statement with an exemplary and brief introduction. In addition, he/she articulated his/her each and every experience in the field. It is a good thing to mention in your personal statement. 

Figure 5 Psychology PS (University Compare)


Psychology Personal Statement

You should talk more about your mindset and personality in your psychology personal statement. As psychology is the field where we study the human mind and behavior. Similarly, the applicant ‘Jenny’ conveyed more about her characteristics and personality in this statement. This made this personal statement much more successful.

Figure 6 Geography PS (Studential)


Geography Personal Statement

It is a gripping statement that was accepted by four top universities King’s College London, the University of Bristol, The Queen Mary University of London, and the University of Exeter. In this statement, the applicant list down relevant points which surely manage to impress universities.

Figure 7 Law School PS (Shemmassian Consulting)


Law School Personal Statement

The applicant was working in another area, and she explained quite well how the relationship of her field with law changed her mind. She utilized her past experiences and smoothly related his personal and professional experiences. It is a good practice to impress admission tutors. 

Figure 8 History PS (Studential)


History Personal Statement

This personal statement is the perfect example of honesty being the best policy. The applicant made it clear that he was unable to choose a career path. Therefore, after reading it, you can notice more about his honesty. Moreover, he made his personal statement more about himself and his passions which is why it is accepted by two big universities.

Figure 9 Medical School PS (My Perfect Words)


Medical School Personal Statement

This medical personal statement consists of all events that occurred to the applicant that influenced him to apply for medical school. It is clearly good stuff to include in your statement. Therefore, all these events and the experience of the applicant make it much more impressive and interesting.

Figure 10 Physics PS (My Perfect Words)


Physics Personal Statement

In this personal statement, apart from his interest in the field and work experiences, the applicant also emphasized extra-curricular activities. Therefore, you should know that to get the attention of admission tutors, you need to focus on other criteria as well.

Some Tips You Can Follow To Write a Successful Personal Statement

  • If you are submitting applications to several different programs, avoid using the same personal statement for each one. Moreover, remember that every application requires different personal statements.
  • Discover what makes you unique. Also, make an effort to write an interesting personal statement.
  • Put more emphasis on your strong points. In addition, write about your education, life experiences, and aspirations. Writing about your shortcomings or a skill you lack is appropriate.
  • Embellish your personal statement with impactful introductory sentences. It is the best technique to grab the interest of an admission tutor right away.
  • Never submit your personal statement without thoroughly proofreading it. Moreover, for language errors, reread your personal statement several times. In addition, you can ask someone to edit your personal statement.

Do’s and Don’ts to Write a Successful Personal Statement


  • Talk about what makes you an ideal applicant.
  • Tell more about yourself, your motivations, and what aspire you to take admission to the university.
  • Display your interest in the university and the area you are applying for.
  • Make it relevant and link your experiences with your application. 
  • Convey your thoughts clearly.
  • Highlight the positive features about you and tell about your stability.
  • Writer a number of drafts until perfection.
  • Ask teachers and others for feedback.


  • Avoid telling negatives about yourself. 
  • Never be humble or nervous.
  • Avoid exaggeration. You can get caught.
  • Do not use overused points.
  • Never leave your work on the dot.
  • Prevent personal statements from spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Avoid copying and paste.
  • Do not stress about it.


So, after looking at the samples we provided you, we are sure that they will definitely be helpful for you. Since these are the perfect examples for personal statements. Therefore, you can read them and get ideas. As a result, you will be able to write a perfect personal statement. However, if you need surplus guidance, you can contact UCAS Personal Statements. They provide assistance with all kinds of UCAS statements.

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