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Complete Guide on How to Write a UCAS Personal Statement

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is an independent organization that operates the application process for UK universities. UCAS Personal Statement is an essential document that determines if you will get admission or not. It allows you to present yourself and explain your expertise and passion for your field of study. You should add all of your relevant experience, short and long-term goals, and education in your statement to convey to the evaluators that you are interested and the right candidate for the program and university.

A personal statement demonstrates your abilities as well as your ambition. You have to prove why you must get admission in the respective field and university. Therefore, make sure you relate and add all those things that can help you get admission. However, writing a brilliant UCAS personal statement can be difficult and you may want UCAS personal statement professionals to handle that task for you. Thus, get in touch right away and let us handle this job for you.

We have discussed the complete guide on how to write a UCAS personal statement. Let’s dig in.

1. Plan

You should first decide which degree you want to do and from where. If you’re struggling to find out the right program then you should have your research on the internet or talk to someone experienced. Once you decide that you must know about the program details and know how they are going to help you. Similarly, you should know about the university which includes, location, environment, people, alumni group, world ranking, and job possibilities and networking. Thus, you should decide which information you will put in the personal statement.

2. Structure

One of the best ways to start is by making a rough draft where you will brainstorm all the possible things that you want to add. Also, make sure that you add you add the relevant stuff because you will build on what is your draft. Also, you would like to be concise in your writing as you have to write a lot within the specified word limit. A well-written personal statement should follow a strict format and have an impactful opening and conclusion. It should also reflect your character and motivation for choosing the program for which you are applying. Also, it means that you should carefully arrange the document.

3. Keep It Relevant and Simple

You don’t have to try to appear what you are not. The only thing you must make sure that your personal statement makes the relevant connection between you and your program. It means that you must mention your career goals, past qualifications, and experiences. Also, keep your personal statement simple. You may want to state how the particular program will allow you to apply yourself and how it enables you to make a difference in your and other’s life. Similarly, if your past qualification relates to your chosen program, it will enable you to make the relation between your skills and future possibilities. Also, you should mention how you’re going to achieve those goals.

4. Why you are a Fit for the Program

You must have an explanation of why you are applying for the degree program and that college/university. What are you going to contribute and what are you looking to gain? All of these questions are relevant and you must answer these in your personal statement. For example, you may mention that you like the location as it is in the city center and allow you to go out and interact with people. Also, you can talk about the networking and job opportunities that you can get. You may want to talk about the diversity, the friendly and war, environment.

5. Add your skills and achievements

Adding your skills and achievements will make you stand out among the crowd. You will have a better chance to grab a seat in your respective field. Thus, you should include relevant skills and achievements. Also,  make sure you define your skills and how they are relevant to the field of study you are choosing. Also, if you have applied these skills in a professional or educational setting then elaborate on that as well. Moreover, you must consider adding all the skills and achievements related to the field that you’re going to apply to.  

6. Work experience and plans

When you write your UCAS personal statement for your master’s degree then you should make sure that you talk about your relevant work experience. It shows that you have professional experience and you may be a good fit for the master’s program. For example, if you are applying for a data science program and you have some experience in data science then you should talk about it. However, don’t just tell that you worked there, but discuss how you fulfill the job responsibilities so that the evaluator has a clear picture of how good are you.

7. Edit and Proofread

You must proofread before you submit your personal statement. Always check for spelling and grammatical errors. Considering these errors are important otherwise it can leave a bad impression on the evaluator. Thus make sure that your document is grammatical and spelling error free. Check for structures, and paragraph lengths as well. Make sure that your paragraphs are around 100 words and not more than that. You can run it through Grammarly. Also, check for unnecessary lines and possible additions. Nonetheless, you should make the necessary changes before submitting it to UCAS.


A well-written personal statement must start with your introduction and it should end with your future career goals and how the respective university is the right place to make that happen. Add all the necessary skills and experiences and demonstrate your relevance to the field. Also, make sure you present yourself as a good fit for the program and university. You can talk about how you can contribute to the university. Here, you can mention your capabilities and capacities that can help you in bringing laurels to your university. However, if you’re struggling to write a well-articulated personal statement then you can get in touch with us and we will help you write a brilliant personal statement.

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