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How to Write a Perfect Economics Personal Statement

Economics is the study of how society functions. If you pursue a degree in Economics, you will study statistics, human behavior, and decision-making. Choosing an intriguing and engaging degree like economics is a good option, but there are many hurdles that can come your way. One of them is your personal statement which has a major role in your university application.

You need a top-notch personal statement to get admission to the best universities for economics. In this blog, we will go through some requirements and tips for personal statements for the best universities. Learn how to differentiate your university application from the competition by continuing reading. Moreover, do you need assistance with your economics personal statement? Then, you should hire UCAS Personal Statements. They are the premium option for you to get help with your personal statements. 

A Guide to Write an Ideal Economics Personal Statement

Follow the below guidelines to write an impressive personal statement and increase the possibility of your admission.

1. Think About Your Goal

Contemplate your goals and why you want to get admission in the field before you begin your personal statement. Brainstorm everything you can talk about in your personal statement. List down all the ideas you have in your mind, from your passion for economics to your experiences. Before you apply to any university, it is important to think about your goals. If your objectives in life do not match with the choice of your selected field and university, then you will regret it later.

2. Structure and Format

Your personal statement can only be 1000 to 4000 characters long. Therefore, you should be careful about what you write in it. Avoid any extra or unnecessary talk because it will be going to take up your space. However, there is no set structure for a personal statement, but you can talk about the below things to make your personal statement impressive.

  • Why do you want to pursue Economics?
  • Your experiences and their relation with Economics.
  • Present field and how it is related to Economics?
  • Your interests and extra-curricular activities.
  • Your future expectations and goals.
  • Conclusion on what makes you an ideal candidate.

3. Display Your Passion for Economics Clearly

It is vital to discuss your interest in economics and why you wish to study it in your personal statement. You should demonstrate your understanding of mathematical ideas. Moreover, describe what fascinates you about economics. In addition, discuss a topic that you are particularly interested in if you have already studied economics. Also, depict your interest in economics if you have not studied it previously. What about the economics or the courses you have selected particularly appeals to you? Show that you are really interested in economics and studying it. Exhibit your knowledge of economic theory.

4. Experience is a Must-Include

Your personal statement should include information about your volunteer work and work experiences. As Economics is a very competitive subject, having work experience can really help make yourself prominent from other applicants. Make sure to include more information than just a list of your employment history or volunteer activities in your personal statement. Admission tutors will want you to discuss how your experience influenced your interest in economics, what you learned from it, and what skills you acquired. Also, you need to back up the main points of your statement with examples from your own experiences.

5. Skills You Have

Talk about what skills you possess that would make you a superb candidate for an Economics degree in your personal statement. It is essential for applicants to have a good combination of skills from many subject areas in the field of economics. For instance, it is not sufficient to be an expert in mathematics. You must also demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about current events and have the ability to write an engaging essay. Be careful and not just describe your skills but also explain how they are developed.

6. Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities

You can add a sentence or two about any other extracurricular activities you feel are relevant once you have explained your reasons for choosing Economics and the skills and professional experience you have. However, keep in mind that your personal statement only has a limited number of words, so everything you write should be convincing and back the idea that you would be an ideal candidate to acquire a degree in Economics. Mention extracurricular activities and hobbies in your personal statement only if it would be advantageous and you have some words left.

7. Proofread

It is important to make your university application as per the standards. Therefore, you should review your personal statement for any mistakes before submitting it. Grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors, no matter how little, can distract attention away from the content of your statement. Also, it can keep admission tutors from focusing on all of your extraordinary skills and job experience. Use software that can check and remove spelling and grammar mistakes to make your statement error-free. Moreover, always have a teacher, friend, or relative that will proofread it before submission.


We have told you some tips you should follow while writing your personal statements. However, below are some points that you should avoid.

  • Be detailed about the field. Do not just glance over the subject.
  • Do not tell about everything you have read or done like a grocery list.
  • Avoid being extra efficient, and do not go overboard.
  • Relate everything to the field you are applying for rather than wasting space impressing them by talking about non-relevant activities you have done.
  • Do not make grand declarations about anything. 
  • Avoid spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.


Your personal statement is an important part of your university application. Therefore, it should be flawless and free from any mistakes or blunders. So, we have shared some tips that you can follow to make your personal statement an ideal one. However, it is a good idea to get professional assistance, and UCAS Personal Statements is the best option for it. They can make your economics personal statement as gripping as possible for your university application. 

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