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How to Write a Supporting Statement with Examples        

Jobs are getting more competitive every day. Recruiters today have to go through hundreds of CVs every day. A supporting statement is something your recruiter might see before looking at other documents. Supporting statements are written to show the recruiter what you can offer. Your supporting statement is a summary consisting of all your skills and qualifications that tell why you are the best for that job. 

Supporting statement example is an example in which you can learn about writing techniques, techniques you will use in order to get a job. The examples you use should be in correlation with the job you want. Hence, we will discuss in the following article how to write a supporting statement by studying other examples. 

Supporting Statement

The supporting system is the part of your Resume, where you show relevant evidence regarding the job you apply for. A supporting statement is a professional summary, where you write about your skills and qualifications. Recruiters sometimes spend only mere seconds looking at supporting statements without taking a look at your CV. Only mere seconds are taken to finalize and select a candidate. A supporting statement comprises a few sentences mostly. But it can be as long as a paragraph too. The length of your supporting statement depends on the documents you’ve included in it. 

Some key points to follow.

Always use keywords mentioned in the job description, like any specific credentials. Describe all your qualifications relevant to the job requirements, also mentioning past experiences as examples can be a benefit for you as well. Show how you can contribute and bring good changes to their company. 

Reviewing the Job Description

Reviewing the job description and taking notes of keywords and phrases in the description is an essential step you will take. For e.g., many types of job requirements that employers mention in the descriptions might be keywords you’re looking for. This makes the employer think you have the necessary skills for this job. 

Write Original and Unique

Searching for a new job wastes a lot of important time. Hence, when you’re trying to write a supporting statement for several organizations, it can be a tiring effort for you. However, we cannot ignore the importance of writing a unique statement. Copying and pasting someone else’s work isn’t an issue when applying for jobs, as hundreds of the same resumes come every day. Thus, your work should be seen as unique, before applying look up their social handles.

These social handles can be either websites or Facebook pages etc. visiting their social sites will help you in looking at any recent projects they have done or any milestones they have achieved. Now you can use that information by adding one line in your statement telling them you loved their recent projects and what new ideas came to you when noticed for the first time. Doing so will make the employer see you as an ideal candidate for the role. Thus, your chances of landing a job become better. 

Relevant Skills

Although, you might have a lot of skills, looking at the description clearly will give an idea of what skills matter the most for my resume. Highlight the skills that are relevant to the job requirements first. Writing about your career and the skills you got in similar job roles can be a plus point for you. Suppose you are applying for the job of a business manager, tell them about past experiences in which you either ran your own or someone else’s business. 

Success Stories

Take single or multiple examples of you got success in past similar job roles, use examples only in which your success and experience align with the job description. This gives employers an idea of how you can get similar success while working for them. Success stories don’t just mean the amount of money you made or the certificates you got, it can also be about how your team leader skills help in resolving complex problems. Skills such as Leadership, interpersonal or communication skills are seen with great interest by employers. 

Keep It Brief

Keep your details brief and easy so the employer doesn’t get trouble reading them. Longer statements make the reader lose focus and move on to the other resumes. Hence, try to write three or four sentences, like include the most important traits you have in the first line. Relate the first sentence with a strong example of an experience in the second sentence. In your last sentences discuss the contributions you can make to that organization. Writing in such a way will improve your chances of getting called for an interview. 

Formatting Your Statement

Only follow the format that is appropriate to the description. For example, a supporting statement on a resume is often only three to four sentences in length. However, a supporting statement in a cover letter can be up to four or five sentences. The most important point to follow is when formatting your statement only include important details so that the employer can view them at the start. Thus, placing your statement at the start of your CV or Resume in the first paragraph of your cover letter is necessary. 


When you’re done writing your statement, make sure to run it through spell checkers, doing so will ensure your statement is free from any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. One more important factor for you to know is, when applying to multiple different jobs, tailor each statement according to their job requirements. This makes it highlights skills that are relevant to those jobs. 

Some Important Points to Keep In Mind

When writing a supporting statement, keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Develop your statements specifically according to the job descriptions, each job is different. Hence, statements should be as well.
  2. Make your statement consists of all the unique skills and traits you have, doing so will make the employer see how you will contribute to their organization. 
  3. Read and learn about the organization before applying. 
  4. Give examples of achievements and experiences relevant to the job.


Including a supporting statement in your resume is very essential. Its purpose is to show how you as an individual bring certain contributions to the company. Employers look for key qualities, relevant specific credentials, and unique traits when scanning applications. Hundreds of people apply to the same organizations every day. How you stand out among all of them depends on the supporting statement you write. 

Now you know how to use a supporting statement example to write your own unique statement. If you’re still having trouble understanding the key concepts of writing and producing a statement, you can look up UCAS Personal Statement. You may find a few experts over there who can help and guide you into writing a perfect supporting statement. 

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