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Personal Statement Sample How Can It Help You With Writing

A personal statement is a part of your UCAS application. A statement that consists of all your past grades and experiences. Particularly anything that gives relevance to the course you will be choosing. Writing a statement without knowing how to write, will negatively impact your chances of getting admission to that university. We will be discussing in this article how you can write a well written statement and how you can write using some examples online.

If you’re looking for a personal statement sample, you can get hundreds of examples online, but using those examples to make your own statement will not be easy. As there are many key points to follow. Thus, Try getting in touch with some experts at UCAS Personal Statements, such experienced professionals can help you with accurate examples and give you key points for your statement. Key points and information can give you an idea of how you will start writing. So let’s get into how you can use personal statement samples to help you create better personal statements right away. Let’s begin.


The format of your statement is the most important thing you follow. Suppose you are writing for admission to business management. Before starting, look up online for some examples. You will only be reading these samples for an idea, don’t copy-paste anything. Copy-pasting someone else’s work will get you on notice by the university’s plagiarism checker. In the first paragraph, you will explain your first incident with the course. Like if you ever managed a small business or different businesses. Discuss by providing two or three small examples regarding those businesses. Your examples should align with your interests, as irrelevant data will lead the reader to ignore what you wrote.

The second paragraph you will write will explain how business studies in your academic life influenced you to pursue this career.  Tell the reader about your grades and qualifications in the field of business. Describe your achievements, achievements like if you ever ran a small stall in your school, in which you managed to buy and sell cakes. Tell the reader about the profits you made. These points will make the reader see that since your school, you always had an interest in business management studies.

Next include a small brief paragraph in which you can tell the reader about your extra-curricular activities. Whether you were a team captain or head of a society. Any skills you have that can give an indicator of your qualifications either being a team leader or public speaker, you can write other important skills as well.

The last paragraph is the part you write to discuss the problems and issues with this field of study and how you can bring relevant changes to fix those problems in the future. Your explanation should be valid enough with real-life examples, examples that have the problem along with the answer on how you think you can solve them.

The Tone

The tone of your personal statement should be semi-formal. The words you choose and your writing style in your statement can significantly impact your application. The tone of the statement is like how you want the reader to imagine you speaking when looking at your statement. As we told you, your tone should be semi-formal, meaning you have to keep a line between you and the writer when writing. You cannot cry and hash out in front of them. Don’t try to be sarcastic when explaining any problems in the field you chose. Avoid irrelevant references like using phrases or quotations from celebrities. You will see in the examples that students mostly use quotes from either scholars or important people from the field of that course. For e.g., using the quote of Warren Buffet when applying for a business degree.

Give New Ideas

Looking at other samples also helps you in finding new ideas, ideas that can help you in making your statement better. Suppose you’re struggling to write ways to impress the reader. Look up examples online and thoroughly go through multiple statements. Thus, even if the samples don’t align with your own statement, you can still get new informative ideas through them. Not just ideas regarding the words you will choose but also the formats could be useful. You can get insight into how to develop your stories, what the tone is, and also sentence formations.

Saves Time

It’s not easy to have a perfect statement ready in less time. Writing is hard if you don’t know how to align your sentences with your interests. Looking at other personal statement samples helps you in getting insight and how you need to start. Hence, saving time that could’ve been wasted by thinking about how to write all day. You can get ideas on how other applicants have written regarding that course. The words they use or the phrases they enter. Saving time doesn’t mean you will copy-paste everything you see on those statements. You will only be studying the structures.

Help You to Achieve Your Objectives

Sometimes a person knows what his aims and objectives are but writing them down so that the reader of your statement can understand what you’re trying to picture is difficult. Looking up statement samples helps you in finding the right words and sentences. Thus, enabling you to write accurately and convey your message. Your objectives are the goals you describe. Goals that might fix the ongoing issues in your selected course. So writing those objectives in a correct manner can only make your application stand out among other applicants.

Standard Protocols

Looking up personal statement examples also helps you in learning the standard protocols. You can learn about the number of characters or words the writer used or how many paragraphs he wrote. The tone of the writer’s writing. Whether he used active or passive voice when writing. These protocols are very important to understand as you will notice in every example you see that everyone will be using a similar way of writing. Remember every organization has its own rules on how one can apply them. Looking at other examples helps a person get insight into statements from other universities as well. Some of the basic key points that you can follow are

Keep a character count most than four thousand, you can write more too as it will help you when you edit your work in the end to keep only important points.

Keep your tone as if you’re giving a presentation, a semi-formal way of engaging the reader is preferred. 

Proofread and check for mistakes, writing more can help in taking out the extra irrelevant words.


We now know why it’s very important to look up examples of personal statements. Your personal statement is one of the most important aspects of your academic life, as your college admission depends on it. Looking at other statement samples gives clarity when writing your own statement. You get educated regarding the structure and rules of writing a statement.

However, if you’re still having trouble finding a personal statement sample for your statement, we will suggest trying to get in touch with one of the experts present at UCAS Personal Statements online. They can help with reshaping your work to the right guidelines. Whatever subject you are applying, their examples can easily be found online. Remember to only look at other writers’ samples, learn from them, and don’t copy-paste their work. We hope you will now follow the details given to you interesting and informative. 

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