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Prepare the Perfect MBA Personal Statement

After graduation, you may be interested in doing MBA from a university of your choice. The MBA programs are one of the versatile fields of study that enables you to work in numerous job positions. Many top-paying jobs are for MBAs. To get admission to a renowned educational institution, you need to have a strong academic record, GMAT, and GPA scores.

However, you will still need to submit your statement with the admission application. The personal statement is a part of your admission process that will play an important role in your admission. The admission committee will find out if you’re the right fit for the job. Thus, to make a good impression, you must write a brilliant personal statement. However, if you need professional help to write your MBA personal statement, then get in touch with us on UCAS Personal Statement. We have a team of highly qualified scholars ready to help you on your call.

7 Guidelines to Prepare the Perfect MBA Personal Statement

A personal statement is an important factor that ensures your admission and is a great opportunity to present yourself in front of the admission committee. This blog will discuss 7 guidelines to write a perfect MBA personal statement.

1. Introduce yourself in the background essay

A personal statement is about you. Here, you will try to connect every dot from your life to relate it with the program you are applying for. You will talk about the experiences that have shaped you as a person and the obstacles that you have overcome. No two people are the same and therefore, you need to explain yourself and the things that made you choose this program and how you are going to make an impact.

2. Demonstrate your directions and goals

Use the space to demonstrate your ambitions and future goals. Try to relate them to past educational and professional experiences. However, if you have switched careers, then you should provide reasons for that. However, a changing career is not something to hide, but you must have reasons to back your move. It will give the admission committee an overview of how you’re determined and responsible for your life decisions. You may also want to talk about how the program and the institution will help you touch with the professionals to find brilliant jobs in your field.

3. Use the optional essay to clarify the negatives in your stats

The universities don’t want the perfect human beings, with top grades or vibrant features. Universities may want you to have a decent academic score, but they are looking for a personality that is the right fit for their organization. An individual who is responsible and who will serve people around him. Thus, mention your mistakes, such as low academic scores, but don’t try to justify them. Say, you made a mistake and you’re ready to change it through hard work and consistency. However, if there are any genuine reasons for that, then you can talk about it and ensure that it was a onetime thing.

4. Be yourself and Mean what you say

The admission committee reads thousands of essays during each admission period. So, why the reader must read yours to the end? If there is no substance in your personal statement, and if it is full of fluff, then the reader is going to reject your application, thinking you are without substance as well. Thus, it is essential to make it real. Don’t talk generally and be specific throughout. Present yourself without trying to make up your personality. The readers can point out if you’re bluffing or not and may reject your application.

5. Find your Passion

If MBA has been your passion, then you must present it as such. Many students want to work as managers of big firms, while many want to launch their businesses. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to draw the attention of the reader to your passion. You can start by talking about how, as a child, you had a dream and you can follow it through the different phases of life. Similarly, you can connect your passion with your professional career, extracurricular experiences, and accomplishments. It is also good to talk about how your passion will serve other people.

6. Talk about your professional experience and achievements

Not everyone carries their passion throughout their life. Some people are studying different subjects for different reasons. However, it is in no way any less important. People work hard and excel in different fields. Thus, if you’re applying for MBA, you will need to demonstrate your skills, as well as your professional experience. Highlight the skills and successes and how they have helped you where you are. Similarly, talk about how these experiences and achievements will help you in the long-term plans and reasons for doing an MBA.

7. Edit and Proofread

You must proofread and edit your document before submission. It is one of the important parts of your personal statement. Your personal statement, no matter how good it is, will make a very bad impression of all those spelling errors and grammatical and structural blunders. Make all the necessary changes before submission. The things to check and edit include:

  • Spelling errors
  • Grammar and structural errors
  • Correct content and flow of content
  • Flow of paragraphs
  • Inclusion of all points

Different tools may help you with proofreading, such as Grammarly.


A personal statement is your significant chance to prove your worth to your respective university. You should follow the guidelines that are shared with you and make a well-articulated paper while keeping it concise. Similarly, make sure that you have followed all the guidelines and instructions and make things to the point. A personal statement is a reflection of your capabilities, experiences, failures, and goals. Thus, connect all these and make a unique product. Nonetheless, writing a well-articulated personal statement is a tiring process. Therefore, if you need help with your MBA personal statement writing, contact UCAS Personal Statement, who have all the necessary skills to help you write a brilliant personal statement.

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